Bhopavar is a unique pilgrimage not only in Malwa region but in all over India. Here shines a 12ft high black idol of Bhagwan Shri Shantinath Ji in Kausagga posture. Restoration drive at the pilgrimage is in full swing. Because of age, the Tirth had reached to a very dilapidated condition and needed immediate reconstruction. Your financial assistance is expected to keep the restoration and further development work going.

All the religious fraternity is requested to visit the pilgrimage to experience the divine escalation and donate generously for the holy cause. Many wise and blessed persons have contributed in all possible manners to the development of this pilgrimage.

Bhopavar is counted among the best pilgrimages in India now. But our responsibility does not cease here. There are many projected developments for this place that can not be fulfilled without your support. So you are requested to contribute to the development of this pilgrimage with open heart.

As the pilgrimage is situated in country area, it lacks many facilities. The Trust here has been managing all the activities very efficiently but some mistakes can not be ruled out. If you come to know of any of our mistakes, please excuse us. This is all you visitors’ place, we are just like devoted servants to all visiting pilgrims and the pilgrimage itself. We heart fully implore all the Muniraj Bhagvans to visit the place for they have that magical power in their voice that can bring this pilgrimage in light. We welcome your suggestions to further development and prosperity of the pilgrimage.