Bhopavar Tirth shins as a holy star on the map of Madhya Pradesh. Now known all over India, this Tirth leaves so mesmerizing impact on the visitors that they always want to be here again. Bhopavar Tirth is just 6km from Sardarpur Tehsil on Indore-Ahemdabad national highway. From Rajgar, via Sardarpur, it is approx 12km. A road-way direct from Rajgar to Bhopavar is under construction after which this distance will reduce to 9km only.

Bhpavar Tirth is around 107km from Indore and 47km from Dhar. The newly constructed road-way from Sardarpur to Bhopavar has made this journey very comfortable and easy. For visitors from Indore and Dhar a new 5km long road-way has been constructed from Fulganvdi to Bhopavar which leaves it at just 40km from Dhar and 100km from Indore.

It is really strange that, in the village of such an old and historical Jain Tirth, there is not a single Jain resident. Originally it is a tribal area. Some Bheel-Bhilala tribes habitat the surrounding villages. Villagers are kind and gentle.

Bhopavar is full of natural beauty. The town and the temple are situated on the bank of liberating Mahi river. Village Minda, the origin of Mahi river, is in vicinity of Bhopavar. Bhopavar maintains a lukewarm and healthy climate. Greens are spread around for whole the year that make this place equally serene and suitable even in summer

Facing East, every morning the golden Sun rays first fall on the threshold of the temple as if paying tributes towards the God. Just near the temple is a garden surrounded with Mango and Guava trees. There is a water-tank (Bawadi) and a very old Hanuan temple in the garden. The grand idol of 16th Jain Tirthankar Bhagwan Shri Shantinath ji is the main attraction of this pilgrimage.