Any religious celebration represents our culturally rich traditions. Three main celebrations are organized at Bhopavar Tirth on their occasions through out the year:

First occasion is the birth ceremony of Shri Parsvnath Ji celebrated on Paush Vidi 10th. A three day festival (on 9th, 10th & 11th) is organized here. Special worship, cart-procession (Rathyatra), Angrachna and spiritual musical program (BhaktiBhavna) are scheduled for all three days. The whole premise is illuminated at night. Swami Vatsal is also organized then. People visit from all over India during this celebration. Many of the seekers get their wishes fulfilled. A fair is also organized to entertain visitors. Many attractive products and other means of healthy entertainment are introduced from the remote places. During the festival period special conveyance facilities are arranged from Rajgar and Sardarpur.

Another celebration is organized on the second day of Holi festival. On this day tribes, from surrounding areas come to pay their homage to the God. They make rounds around the temple (Parikrma) and draw Swastika to express their faith to the God.

The third festival is celebrated on Jyeshtha Vidi 13 (Gujarati). The birth ceremony (Janm Kalyanak) and salvation ceremony (Moksha Kalyanak) of Bhagwan Shri Shantinath Ji is organized with great enthusiasm.

Besides, there are many other festivities that go on through out the year. Many groups visit the place every year by vehicles and even walking.