P. Pu. Aacharya Shri Navratn Sagarji M.Sa.

Shri Shankheshvar Mahatirth,

Jain Aagam Mandir Trust,

Jeth Sudi 1 Thursday

By blessings of the Devguru, May all the devotees, Shri Sangh and Shravak be blessed with joy and prosperity:

Only in the world Shri Bhagwan Shantinath Ji’s 87000 years old, black, 12ft tall, Kausagga posture, most influencing and pleasing, peace emitting divine idol with all its grandeur is shining at Bhopavar Tirth.

The entire restoration of this auspicious historic pilgrimage, by blessings of the most dignified Jitarth Aacharya Bhagwanto, is in full swing at Bhopavar. All the fortunate rich who seek salvation may avail the eternal bliss by generously contributing to the restoration of this holy pilgrimage.

May you support this holy cause and fructify thae human life!