In ancient time, Maharaja Bhishmak ruled the Vidarbh region. He had five sons and a beautiful daughter. The eldest son was named Rukmi (Rukman Kumar) and the younger ones were Rukmasth, Rukmbahu, Rukmesh and Rukmali respectively. Their sister Sati Rukmani was the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. Entranced by Shri Krishna’s magnificent looks, his valor, ethical values and splendors, Rukmani had assumed him to be her prospective husband. Even Krishna was aware of Rukmani’s unmatched beauty, virtues, and moral values and foresaw his future wife in her.

All her brothers were agreed to this marriage but Rukmi; the eldest son. He presumed Shishupal to be the only rightful husband for his sister hence he fixed her marriage with Shishupal. Blessed with eternal beauty, when Rukmani came to know of her brother’s decision she conveyed her innate feelings to Krishna with a reliable courier.

In Kundanpur, Maharaj Bhishmak, to please the eldest son Rukmi, had ordered preparation for Rukmani’s marriage with Shishupal.

Surrounded by her friends and mothers, Rukmani silently parted from her palace to Devi temple. Many soldiers were deployed to the security of the princess. The most valiant soldiers of the state, armored and equipped with deadly weapons were to ensure her safety. The princess offered worship to Goddess Ambika and prayed for fulfillment of her wish. Rukmani, as if walking a procession, was stepping ahead slowly; flaunting her beauty to Shri Krishna. Even the greatest of soldiers could not stand Rukmani’s charm and they lost hold of their weapons, some even fell down from the back of their horses and elephants. On that very moment, when the Rukmani was retiring to her cart, Shri Krishna appeared there and, riding over the heads of all enemies, he lifted Rukmani on his victorious cart with a GarunDhwaj furling over it. He moved from there with elder brother Balram and all other accompanying Yaduvanshi fellows.

Rukmani’s elder brother Rukmi could not tolerate Krishna’s this act of abducting his sister and marrying her forcefully with Sakshas principals. Rukmi was a warrior. He, burning with rage, adorned the amour and, with lifting his anchor high to the sky, pledged openly among all the state chiefs and other warriors thus “I pledge before thee all that I’ll not return to Kundanpur until and unless I kill the Krishna and release my sister Rukmani back from his captivity…..” Swearing so, he ordered his carter to take him where the Krishna was. He chased Krishna with an army of thousands of soldiers.

A massive war took place between Rukmi and Krishna. Rukmi lost the battle and was caught live. Rukmani begged her brother’s life from Krishna and saved him. As Rukmi had sworn not to return to Kundanpur without his sister Rukmani and without killing the Krishna, he did not return to Kundanpur in deed. He established a new capital Bhojkut for his habitat which is now known as Bhopavar.