India has a proud religious and philosophically rich background. District Dhar is known for its famous historical monuments not only in India but on the glob. Bhopavar Tirth; situated 46km from Dhar and 8km from Tehsil Sardarpur, represents a golden era in the great Indian history. Here stands 87000 years old, 12ft tall, ever-shining idol (Pratima) of Bhagwan Shantinath. Crafted in black-stone, this idol belongs to the time of Bhagwan Neminath ji. This ancient religious treasure makes Bhopavar Tirth a unique pilgrimage in India.

In past, this holy place had been excellently taken care by Shri Premchandra ji from Rajgar and, after him, his son Shri Bagmlal ji and grandson Maganlalji. After his demise, his younger brother Shri Ratanlalji spent his whole life carrying out the responsibility of looking after this place. After 30 years since, by the divine inspiration from Bhagwan Shantinath Ji and by blessings of the great ascetic Rev. Shri Navratna Sagar Soorishwar Ji M. Sa., his descendent Shri Surendra Kumar Ji Rajmal Ji Jain carried this responsibility very adeptly.

The enlightened poet and writer, Shri Yeshwant Chauhan of Rajgar, has written the history of this pious place in contemporary perspectives. This of his historical write-up beautifully illustrates the proud history of the pilgrimage and also describes the new restoration plans of the place. It also gives brief information about the life of Bhagwan Shri Shantinath ji and illustrates the whole pilgrimage pictorially. He has also incorporated auspicious projections and plans for the place. We are grateful to Shri Yeshwant ji Chauhan who endeavored to assimilate all the precious information in this work.